“The Only Good OHV Area is a Closed OHV Area”

ACTIONS REQUIRED – Send Letters STAT and RSVP if You Can Attend July 3 Hearing in Sacramento!

It’s no secret that family-based OHV recreation at Carnegie SVRA remains under attack by a small band of fiercely dedicated and well-funded environmental attorneys, political activists, and sympathetic legislators.  20 years ago one of those actors stated, “The only good OHV area is a closed OHV area.”

In recent times, that cadre of anti-OHV zealots has adopted a highly effective trifecta of litigation, legislation, and regulation to not only block opening of the acquisition property at Carnegie SVRA but to close 20% of the current riding area at the unit. 

Many of you have already sent in letters to the legislature as SB 767 journeyed through the CA Senate and now is on its way through the CA Assembly.  As the political temperature of this bill heats it is now time, if possible, to attend a July 3 hearing for SB 767 before the Assembly Accountability and Administrative Review Committee at 9:30 a.m. in Room 437 at the State Capitol.  Wear your club’s shirt or jersey.  Your attendance will make a strong visual statement about your support for OHV recreation at Carnegie SVRA.

AMA District 36 thanks the many of you who have already sent in letters to the legislature as SB 767 journeyed through the CA Senate. Today as the bill makes its way through the CA Assembly we are asking that you send another letter to your state representative stating your opposition to SB 767 and include a short personal note about why OHV at Carnegie SVRA is important to you and your family.


The AMA District 36 government affairs professional staff will be there and looks forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with you at this important July 3 hearing.  Let’s remember on this 4th of July that FREEDOM is not FREE and requires constant vigil.  

Thanks for your support of responsible OHV recreation on public lands for current and future generations.

RSVP if you can attend July 3 hearing to Don Amador –

Don Amador
Government Affairs
AMA District 36