Route Sheets & Row Assignments For The 49er And 49.5er Enduros Are Posted!

The 49er Enduro, Round 4 of the SRT District 36
Championship Enduro Series
The 49.5er Family Enduro, Round 6 of the SRT District 36 Championship Youth/Family Enduro Series are coming October 26th.

Hosted by:

Due to changing forest conditions please check the District 36 website,
District 36 Facebook page or the Polka Dots Facebook page before driving up.
Fire or rain events may cause postponement

The Route Sheets for both the 49er Enduro and 49.5er Family Enduro are posted here:

49er Enduro Route Sheet:’er%20Enduro/routesheet.pdf

49.5er Family Enduro Route Sheet:

The Row Assignments for both the 49er Enduro and 49.5er Family Enduro are posted here:

49er Enduro Row Assignments:’er%20Enduro/rows.pdf

49.5er Family Enduro Row Assignments:


Stuff To Know……….

You MUST have:

  • Current AMA Membership Card**
  • Current District 36 Membership Card**
  • USFS approved spark arrestor
  • Pass a sound test not to exceed 96 dba (decibels)
  • Current OHV sticker or licence plate (attached to bike)
  • Have a clean motorcycle (inspected to stop the spread of noxious weeds. — Forest Service requirement)

You will be assigned your riding number with a letter and it’s your responsibility to put it on your front number plate.  It should be at least 4″ high.
You will also be given a helmet sticker with your riding number that should be placed on the right (throttle) side of your helmet below the goggle strap.

AMA and District 36 Rules apply

**If you need to renew or purchase either or both they will be available at sign-ups.  One day cards will also available at the meet only.  You may join or renew your District 36 membership HERE  and/or join or renew your AMA Membership HERE (be sure to print out your receipt as proof of membership and keep with you until you receive your membership card(s)).   NOTE:  if the race is less than 21 days away don’t join through mail in…give yourself extra time at sign-ups and join or renew at the meet.

Date:    Saturday October 26, 2019

Place:          Elkins Flat Staging area 
Key Time:    8:00 am  for the 49er  / 9:30 am for the 49er Family

Note: Both Enduros will be held in the same staging area where the 49 enduro is normally held, NOT where their family enduro has been held in the past (see Map to meets).

Post Entry will be available at the Meet

See flyer for details and an entry form

49er Flyer

49er Family Enduro Flyer


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