Sound Testing At The Phantom HS!

RE:  Technical Inspection – Phantom HS March 19 & 20, 2022

The Hollister SVRA is legally required to monitor and control sound that is  present in the park. This event will have environmental monitoring taking place.



All riders should be aware that Sound and Spark Arresters will be inspected at this event and passing tech is mandatory. Motorcycles will be marked and checked prior to participating.

Please be sure that your motorcycle has a 96 dB exhaust and a spark arrester, as all vehicles will be checked.

The Hollister SVRA Staff will be assisting the club in helping to make this process as efficient as possible. SVRA Staff will be having sound testing available on Friday in the late afternoon.

DPS Technical / Chris Real will be coordinating the technical inspection process for the weekend with the assistance from District 36 club officers and certified technical inspectors. Sound Tech will open at 6 AM on Saturday.

Individuals who would like to learn about technical inspection or who would like to gain experience as a technical inspector are welcome and encouraged to participate.

This activity will count towards certified training providing those individuals allocate at least 1 hour.

Let’s all help the club have a great event.

Chris Real

DPS Technical, Inc.
(909) 981-5228 Office